Know your land

Improve the efficiency and sustainability of crop production with a compelling digital agronomy solutions for large farming businesses, enabled by remote sensing, hyperspectral imaging and artificial intelligence. Gamaya is your partner for crop intelligence!

Targeted use

of crop inputs to optimize costs and minimize environmental impact.

Early detection

of diseases and weeds to reduce potential crop losses.

Better prediction

and early mitigation of risks throughout the growing season.

Our crop solutions

A portfolio of crop- and region-specific digital agronomy products, which currently comprises sugarcane, soybean, as well as a range of bespoke client-defined solutions. Gamaya leverages an agronomy and crop knowledge of our partners and uses remote sensing technology to reach scalability.


CANEFIT solution is a unique digital agronomy toolbox to address the specific needs of sugarcane cultivation in Brazil and beyond.

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SOYFIT solution is a unique toolbox  to address the specific needs of soybean cultivation, from nematodes pressure to yield forecast.

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Other crops & projects

Gamaya addresses challenges by providing solution for large-scale diagnostics of various other fields and crops.

Explore our solutions

We combined all the information about your fields in
one place for the most efficient decision-making and comfortable use.

Explore our platform

We combined all of the information about your fields and crops in one place for the most comfortable use and efficient decision-making. User-friendly interface with intuitive navigation from country to client, farm and field level.

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