Gamaya tools

From our Uploader to Gamaya Viewer, Gamaya provides a one-stop-shop, end to end solution that saves time or improves accuracy at each step. Stop switching between 5 different tools, wasting time cleaning or spending time on meticulous corrections.

Main benefits of Gamaya web platform:

Gamaya Viewer

Simple and intuitive web-based user interface, that can be customized to your individual needs

Analytics and crop insights about your fields from drone-based or satellite imagery

Accurate field shape service

Make sure your field shapes are cm accurate to satellite and drone base imagery

Keep your database up to date with latest acquisitions, easily resolve any inconsistencies

Data Uploader

The efficient way to upload drone images and orthos

Check drone flight quality of operators at a glance

Real-time tracking

Follow uploads and processing in real-time

Keep an efficient record of your uploads

Quality checks for faster and better decisions

Bad quality imagery & ortho mosaics cannot slip your notice

Accelerate your decision time by viewing the reality on the ground within 4 hours

Reduce costs of processing inadequate fields based on incomplete information