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Gamaya platform
Gamaya offers an online platform that allows for crop intelligence from remote sensing

For the processing of large amounts of satellite and drone data, Gamaya needed a trustworthy partner to increase its operational efficiency. This is why Gamaya turned to Google Cloud, who recently featured the company in a blog post as an example of AI integration in AgTech.

When using leading remote sensing technology to survey lots of very large fields, masses of data has to be collected, successfully transferred, and made available onto the Gamaya Viewer platform. As Gamaya commits to timely delivery of advanced analytics and crop intelligence to its clients, this data processing step must be quick, cost-effective and compatible with Gamaya’s advanced AI technology. A recent transfer to the Google Cloud platform answered these challenges, allowing Gamaya to improve and scale its operations and efficiency.

All of this data is portrayed on the Gamaya Viewer. Its intuitive and accessible interface allows users from large farming businesses to monitor their crops all season long, as well as to spot possible crop threats in a timely and detailed manner. This ultimately leads to an increase in their operational efficiency and improved yield on each hectare of their land.

The original article can be found on Google Cloud's blog (in German). 

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Publication date: August 2021

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