Gamaya attends Summit Agribusiness Brazil 2015 conference

Gamaya, a Swiss innovative startup active in a smart agriculture, participated yesterday, 26/11, in the Summit Agribusiness Brazil 2015 Conference, promoted by the Group O Estado de S. Paulo, in São Paulo. This year, the central theme of the event was "From the Field to the Business Field". The event discussed topics such as the role of Brazil as the "breadbasket of the world", the technologies that can help agricultural production, the opportunities of the development of national industry of processed foods and logistical bottlenecks the country.

Challenges and role of agricultural industry in Brazil

The realization of the first edition of Agribusiness Summit reflects the importance of the sector to the country's economy and for global food security. Entities such as the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) predict that Brazil, by 2024, will be the global leader in food exports, thanks to the expansion of planted area and increased productivity.

By bringing together economists, researchers and entrepreneurs who are dedicated to professionalize agribusiness and to ensure its sustainable growth, the event aimed to give an overview of the opportunities and challenges that are ahead of the industry. Among the speakers were the representative of FAO in Brazil, Alan Bojanic, CEO of Bunge Brazil, Raul Padilla, Paulo Herrmann, president of John Deere Brazil, Rafael Villarroel, COO of Bayer Brazil and other top-notch players in agriculture.

Agricultural technologies

Technologies that are not yet known by Brazilian farmers also gain prominence of Brazil Agribusiness Summit 2015. The director of special projects Estadão, Ernesto Bernardes recalls that, given the shortage of water and soil deficiencies, agribusiness in Brazil will become one of the most technological areas. "They need to optimize resources for a long time, a notion that only now arrives in Brazil."

The industry experts discussed the use of drones, sensors, precision farming machinery, satellite data and all other technologies to perform crop monitoring and analysis, predict weather, help to better manage planting and harvesting, and improve modern farming practices.

Gamaya, an AgTech company, contributes to the agricultural technological progress by providing an integrated solution for large-scale diagnostics of fields and crops. Gamaya empowers farmers to maximise their profits and ROI by enabling better situational awareness on their land. Our services include crop growth monitoring, detection and diagnostics of disease, weeds, pests and environmental stress, as well as prediction of yield.

Focusing on a Brazilian agriculture, Gamaya plans to start commercial field trials on soybean and corn in Brazil in a week time to be ready for commercial services starting from April 2016. We have already received several requests from industrial soybean and corn growers in Brazil to perform a demo and showcase the farmland analytics technology.

Facilitating relationships between agri players

Major national food industries significantly leverage export of commodities, but require the farmer to negotiate with a new type of customer. The panel dedicated to the role of farmer within agricultural industry, included among others, Luiz Stabile, agriculture director BRF, and Gustavo Grobocopatel, president of the Los Grobo Group.

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