Gamaya will participate in the Innovation Forum “From Hunger to Health”

Gamaya, a Swiss AgTech startup active in smart farming, will participate in the Innovation Forum “From Hunger to Health”, to discuss how scientific innovation can help achieve the goal of global nutritional equality, how can we decrease the footprint of agriculture and increase farming yields, and how can we use resources more efficiently while generating less waste. The conference will take place at EPFL Rolex Learning Center in Lausanne on 17th of May 2016. Our CEO, Yosef Akhtman, will provide insightful speech about the Third Agricultural revolution and discuss fundamental changes needed to boost food productivity, nutrition, sustainability and production efficiency.

Gamaya addresses commodity crops cultivation challenges by providing a comprehensive solution for large-scale diagnostics of crops based on a novel hyperspectral imaging technology and Big Data analytics. We empower large industrial farming businesses with unprecedented level of situational awareness, allowing for significant cost savings, as well as improvement of quality and quantity of yield. We help farmers to increase profit margin per hectare up to 100%. Examples of services include early alerts for disease, pests and weeds, optimum rates of application for fertilizers, as well as prediction of yield. Currently, we provide solution for soybean and sugarcane growers.

Article date: Morges, 2016

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