Gamaya included in top-50 Swiss startups for investment

Gamaya, a Swiss AgTech startup active in smart farming, has been included in the top-50 Swiss startups for investment or inspiration, published by Bilan, biweekly business magazine in Switzerland. Every year Bilan selects the 50 most promising Swiss startups looking for investment.

We are very grateful to Bilan for this selection and share a position that Gamaya, being well established with its unique offering for industrial agricultural producers, offers an attractive investment opportunity.

The total funding raised by startups based in Switzerland increased by 47.9% in 2015 to 670 million francs; 120 Swiss startups have managed to raise funds against 92 in 2014. For detailed information please refer to the Swiss Venture Capital Report 2015, issued by

Gamaya has been incorporated in 2015 and since then raised more than 1 million CHF in seed financing. Gamaya addresses commodity crops cultivation challenges by providing an integrated solution for large-scale diagnostics of field crops to boost yield productivity. Our unique solution facilitates unprecedented level of situational awareness and helps to increase profit margin per hectare of industrial farmers up to 100%. Our core offering is early detection of diseases, pests and weeds, detection and diagnostics of stress (mechanical damage, nutrient deficiency, water stress, soil compaction), monitoring of growth for optimization of fertilization, as well as prediction of yield.

Article date: Morges, 2015

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