Gamaya is nominated for Pionierpreis 2017

Pionierpreis Gamaya

Gamaya is nominated for Pionierpreis 2017, one of the most important innovation awards in Switzerland. Numerous start-ups have applied for the award. We are very grateful to the Pionierpreis for this selection, as we strongly believe in a great potential of the developed unique hyperspectral imaging technology to address global food production challenges. Full list of the nominees can be found here.The pioneer award, which is awarded by Zürcher Kantonalbank and Technopark Zurich, recognizes the commitment and the risk-taking behavior of start-ups, and awards a particularly exciting and promising technical project every year. The prize is worth 98'696.04 CHF - an unusual sum, but a number with symbolic force. It corresponds to the 10'000-fold value of the number Pi square and thus stands for strength, far-sightedness and fascination.

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