Gamaya is winner of CloudEO Copernicus Masters competition

Gamaya, Swiss startup that develops an innovative solution for farmland analytics and diagnostics, is a winner of CloudEO Going Live Award as a part of the Copernicus Masters competition 2015. Copernicus Masters is a European Earth Monitoring competition, that awards prizes to innovative solutions for business and society based on Earth observation data. Gamaya will have the opportunity to test and implement this application using all of CloudEO's capabilities. The prize also consists of free resources valued at up to EUR 10,000 - including six months of access to a free standard workbench for development and production on CloudEO, marketing support through the CloudEO web store, and active business support from CloudEO.

Dr Manfred Krischke, CEO of CloudEO, said: «Gamaya is a fine example of a well conceived, end-to-end business concept that will provide highly valuable services to the farming industry. The team behind it has developed a leading edge hyperspectral sensor that is embedded in a fully integrated, cloud-based service solution. Together with its partners, Gamaya is well positioned for successful market entry. CloudEO is thus excited to present the team with the CloudEO Going-Live Award and looks forward to supporting its launch.»

Article date: Morges, 2015

Image reference: Copernicus Masters

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