Gamaya is winner of Swiss Product Excellence Award

Gamaya, a Swiss startup - pioneer in the farm analytics and crop diagnostics, is a winner of Swiss Product Excellence Award, an award for outstanding innovation projects in Switzerland nominated by the Swiss Excellence Foundation. The Swiss Product Excellence Award recognizes unique, technically advanced and high-quality projects that have an exceptional and outstanding product innovation with a high value creation potential and which are ready for the market development.

The main goal of the Swiss Excellence Foundation is to assist SMEs, including most prominent Swiss startups. Indeed, according to the Federal Statistical Office SMEs represent more than 90% of Swiss companies and contribute significantly to the competitiveness and innovation of Switzerland, which is ranked 1st in the world. Using different experts from various industries, the Swiss Excellence Foundation supports SMEs, which develop innovative and marketable technology that can be scaled on a global level. The main criteria for the Award are uniqueness, innovation and sustainability, market potential and success in commercial business development.

Gamaya, contributes to the competitiveness and innovation ranking of Switzerland by developing a unique hyperspectral imaging (HSI) technology for crops monitoring and diagnostics on a large scale. Gamaya's HSI camera, which is able to detect what the human eye cannot, is significantly more sensitive than any competitive technology. It is also specifically designed to provide a maximum amount of information when paired with our analytical software. Together, they allow us to predict and learn crop models at an unprecedented rate. By analyzing the information provided by our decision-support system, it is clear when a plant or the soil needs water or nutrients. Using this information issues can be quickly identified, treatments can be directed to where they are needed, and both quality and yield can be increased.

The opportunity for Gamaya's technology to modernise agriculture is tremendous. Agriculture is a $6.4 trillion global industry that employs 1.3 billion people worldwide, and new technologies are emerging which are promising to transform agriculture from a calcified industry to a tech industry as it races against a growing population and expanding middle class, and faces its impact on the environment. Gamaya responds to a global problem of increasing food production by 70% by 2050 by providing unique farmland analytics to control the productivity of crops and achieve maximum performance by optimizing crop production, in an economic manner and using a minimum of available resources, such as fertilizers, chemicals, water and soil.

Further information can be found here. Gamaya responds to the need to feed 10bn people by developing an innovative comprehensive framework for large scale analytics of farmland. Our mission is to facilitate symbiotic relationship between the humankind and our environment on a large scale. Gamaya is a knowledge company that empowers farmers with unprecedented level of understanding of their land and plant health using unique hyperspectral imaging, data mining and analytics technology. Using state-of-the-art sensors, we acquire information-rich data that we translate into actionable information for agricultural businesses using a simple, scalable and cost effective remote sensing methodology.

Gamaya’s solution empowers farmers to achieve significant economic gains including 30% increase in yield, 40% decrease in costs of fertilizers and chemicals, as well as 70% decrease in crop-disease related risks, all of which facilitates the production of quality products and reduces negative environmental impact.

Article date: Morges, 2015

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