Gamaya is winner of the De Vigier Award

Gamaya, provider of the world’s most advanced solution for large-scale diagnostics of farmland using hyperspectral imaging and artificial intelligence, is among the 5 winners of the prestigious W.A. Vigier award 2016. The Vigier Award is the oldest and highest endowed prize for startups in Switzerland, giving away CHF 100‘000 to five startups each year. This year the W. A. Vigier Foundation selected 5 most prominent and innovative startups in Switzerland our of more than 200 submitted applications. More information about all winners can be found here. Winning pitch of the Gamaya's CEO, Yosef AkhtmanGamaya has been incorporated in 2015 and since then raised more than 3.2 million CHF in financing. Gamaya provides the world’s most advanced solution for diagnostics of farmland using a unique constellation of patented hyperspectral imaging technology, drone-based deployment and artificial intelligence. Gamaya farmland analytics solution improves production efficiency and risk management by facilitating optimised usage of chemicals and fertilisers, as well as reducing disease and weed-related losses. Some of the information services that we provide include the detection and diagnostics of crop disease, classification of weeds, analysis of soil, optimization of fertilization, as well as prediction of yield.

Article date: Morges, 2016

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