Gamaya selected in Top 3 Swiss AI Award

The AiCon event series is intended to establish itself as the annual national festival of AI innovations. The host Canton Schwyz invited representatives from research, politics and business to the Hotel Seedamm Plaza in Pfäffikon. Experts agree: AI applications, especially from the field of machine learning, are the next big topic in digital transformation. Deep learning algorithms will create applications at the interface of hardware, software and sensor technology that will change entire industries. "AiCon is the right initiative at the right time - a platform that unites business, science, technology, politics and society," said Economy Minister Guy Parmelin in his opening address. He will do everything to ensure that the initiative covers all of Switzerland. The highlight of the two-day AiCon was the presentation of the first national AI award by the jury president and Starmind founder Pascal Kaufmann. The award, carried by the Mindfire Foundation, the >> venture >> award from the ETH, the ZKB Pioneer Award and the Swiss ICT Investor Club SICTIC, will in future go to the most promising and innovative AI startups from Switzerland. The first edition finalists were Typewise , Gamaya, and Daedalean. The jury finally chose Daedalean as the winner . The Zurich startup is developing an autopilot system for aircraft. Article Reference:

Article date: Lausanne, June 9, 2020

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