Gamaya won the NVIDIA Inception Award and takes home a $70,000 AI supercomputer

Gamaya, the farmland analytics startup, won the Inception Awards at GTC Europe - technology conference, organized by NVIDIA in Munich. Gamaya was selected from the 700 European startups participating in NVIDIA’s Inception program, that use AI and deep learning. The judges chose the companies they believe to be the five hottest in Europe to tell their stories, and Gamaya is one of them.The prize is the powerful AI supercomputer DGX Station - the world’s first personal supercomputer for leading-edge AI development. The supercomputer will be used by our Data Science team to support the product development efforts. Gamaya improves efficiency and productivity of agricultural businesses by empowering farmers with timely intelligence and situational awareness of their land and crops using a unique combination of airborne hyperspectral imaging, satellite observations, and machine learning. Gamaya services facilitate optimum use of fuel, chemicals, and fertilizers, resulting in larger and better yields while minimising the impact on the environment. Gamaya envisions a transition towards sustainable agriculture and global food security through universal access to agronomy knowledge and best farming practices, as well as smarter flow of information across the food production value chain.

Article date: 2018

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