How to Ensure Big Data Brings Value to Farmers

By Igor Ivanov and Ellen Czaika from Gamaya, a Swiss agtech startup developing proprietary hyperspectral imaging technology, to provide farmers insights about their fields. The startup raised $3.2 million in Series A funding last year and was featured in an AgFunderNews article about the next generation of drone technologies earlier this year.Igor Ivanov is cofounder and chief commercial officer and Ellen Czaika is head of global engagement, and here they offer five pieces of advice to startups offer farmers data products:1.Define a clear unique selling point (USP), making a conscious choice between providing a platform and data/intelligence2. Deeply integrate agronomy with digital technologies to interpret the data from a farmer’s perspective3. Make a distinction between data, information and knowledge4. Customize products to the specific needs of a particular market segment, crop, and region5. Focus initially on the technology-savvy and innovative growers to bring the product to the market

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Article date: 2018

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