The unique digital nematode diagnostics tool co-developed by Gamaya and Syngenta is being launched for commercial use

Morges, Switzerland, September 28, 2022

Gamaya announces that multi-year collaboration with the largest AgTech corporation Syngenta AG resulted in the launch of the world's first commercial digital diagnostics solution for nematode pest by Syngenta AG. The unique and first-of-its-kind technology developed by Gamaya SA in collaboration with Syngenta AG will become the part of the digital technology platform, CROPWISETM.

The collaboration that started as an innovation challenge very quickly was transformed into a

more scalable project and finally resulted in the integration of this advanced digital solution

within Syngenta’s own digital technology platform. The tool has been rigorously tested through extensive research and trials on 100’000 hectares of soybean fields. The test proved a high level of reliability and precision. Based on the agreement Syngenta will own this technology exclusively and will bring it to Soybean growers around the world starting from Brazil.

Gamaya has leveraged its remote sensing, data science, and agronomic modelling to build the solution and relied on Syngenta’s agronomic and crop knowledge. The resulting technology relies on a unique Data Science based model that analyses a series of satellite imagery to detect nematode specific damages.

“The Gamaya team has been very excited to address this technologically complex challenge and a clear market need in an innovative and scalable solution. We had to build a precise and scalable solution and, at the same time, find a way to define specifically damages from plant-parasitic nematodes, among many other stresses that crops may suffer in the field. We are very proud that these multiple years of R&D efforts have yielded in building the first scalable and unique solution that will be available as a part of Syngenta's digital offer and provide great help along with other Syngenta technologies to soybean growers," says Yury Vasilkov, CEO, Gamaya.

As a result growers will have access to a disruptive remote sensing tool that allows for large-scale, instantaneous, and reliable nematode damage detection. The nematode diagnostics tool is based on satellite imagery, and fully automated, that allows scaling the solution on millions of hectares without limitations.

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Gamaya is a Swiss-based AgTech startup that focuses on delivering automated crop intelligence at scale. Beyond Soybeans Gamaya`s predictive analytic tools support sugarcane growers in maximising sugar yield from every hectare of their crop. Growers widely use Gamaya tools in Brazil, India and the US on a scale of more than 2 Mio hectares of land. The company develops a new generation of digital tools that would allow Sugarcane growers to benefit from further reduction of GHG emissions and facilitate soil organic carbon accumulation restoring soil health and removing CO2 from the atmosphere simultaneously.

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