Gamaya has created a tailor-made portfolio of digital imaging products for sugarcane growers, that allow growers to benefit from increased operational efficiency, optimized distribution of crop inputs and improved returns on each hectare of land.

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Our products in
the portfolio of Canefit

A complete solution with large-scale & in-field analytics to improve farm efficiency from planting operations to harvest.

Planting Gaps

Automated planting gaps diagnostic

Quality control during operations and optimized re-planting decisions to maximize farm ROI

Weed Detection

In-field accurate detection and mapping of weeds, classification options*

Timely and targeted application of herbicides, resulting in better control and reduced use of input

Weed Classes Identification

Large scale infestation monitoring of weeds

Prioritization of fields for targeted scouting and optimized weed management

Precision Harvest Lines

Accurate harvest lines detection for autopilot

Precision and guidance in harvesting operations to minimize crop damage

Crop Monitoring and Anomaly Detection

Holistic performance indicators and crop growth monitoring and alerts

Optimum and early detection of anomalies to support field operational and scouting planning

New solutions coming soon

We have a rich pipeline of products for sugarcane and we continue to invest in new products to bring the best imaging solution for sugarcane.
Want to get early access and product updates? Stay tuned!

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