Advanced digital agriculture solutions for sugarcane growers, enabled by remote sensing and AI.
Increase operational efficiency, optimize application of crop inputs and improve productivity on each hectare of land.

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Improve sugarcane crops
management with CaneFit

A complete solution with large-scale & in-field analytics to improve farm efficiency from planting operations to harvest.

Planting Gaps

Accurate planting gaps diagnostic thanks to high-resolution drone imagery

Quality control during planting operations for optimal use of the available area, and better re-planting decisions to maximize farm ROI

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Weed Detection

In-field automatic detection and mapping of weeds

Apply herbicides in timely and targeted manner, for a better control and a reduced use of input

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Weed Classes Identification

Large scale infestation monitoring of weeds

Prioritize fields for targeted scouting and optimized weed management

Precision Harvest Lines

Accurate harvest lines detection along the center of planted sugarcane rows

Reference information for auto-steering machines during harvesting operations to minimize crop damage

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Crop Growth Monitoring

Holistic performance indicators, crop growth monitoring and alerts

Detect anomalies on time to support field operational and scouting planning

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What our users say

"A simple and powerful tool, made for early diagnosis in daily monitoring"

Director of Operations - Usina São José, Igarassu

"CaneFit gives us quick and complete access to information from all farms"

Integrated Weed Management Coordinator - Vale do Paraná

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Improve sugarcane crop production with dedicated tools powered by intelligence from satellite and drone imagery.