Projects & Partnerships

At Gamaya, we believe that by working together, we are always more than the sum of our parts. We have collaborated on a variety of projects with key partners to push the limits of remote sensing capabilities in digital agriculture for a variety of crops.
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Plant breeding

Partner: ETHZ & DSP     Location: Switzerland

Objectives & Results:

HSI for trait discrimination in wheat breading

Develop and release a toolset that supports users in planning and performing successful drone-based remote sensing missions

Establish a data processing pipeline to extract data from photogrammetric products and individual oblique images

Develop methods to extract traits

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Early disease detection in citrus

Location: Sao Paulo state, Brazil

Objectives & Results:

Monitoring of two commercial citrus orchards:

HSI image capture by UAV

42 trees with collected ground-truth data

Final model (binary classifier) with an accuracy of 70%

Plant nutrition

Partner: Agroscope     Location: Switzerland

Objectives & Results:

Validation of spectral purity of Gamaya hyperspectral imaging (HSI)

Collaboration with a world class field trial team

Benchmarking Gamaya HSI against standard research equipment

Initial results for Nitrogen status (R2=.78) and Dry matter content (R2=.69)

Continued work for phosphorus and potassium status

Localized virus prospection in vineyards

 Location: California, US

Objectives & Results:

Leafroll is a grapevine virus affecting vineyards worldwide

Infected vines result in lower quality and yield - eventual death of vine

Requires replanting of entire vineyard in severe cases

Good prospection requires expert scouting during short period when symptoms are visible, while labor shortage prevents adequate prospection

Effective prospection can save up to $50-100k/ ha in losses over the 35year life time of a commercial vineyard

Data as marketing tool, packaged
“insurance”, and to estimate forecast demand

Forestry monitoring and Eucalyptus leaf-cutter ants damage mapping

Location: Brazil

Objectives & Results:

This proof of concept is a suite of analytics for eucalyptus plantation monitoring including:

Leaf-cutting infestation mapping using different satellite imagery

In-parcel crop health monitoring, particularly anomaly detection

Health index comparisons across parcels/compartments

Nest detection and counting methods

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