Improve efficiency and sustainability of soybean production with precision agriculture, enabled by satelitte imaging and artificial intelligence.

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Inspect and analyze
your soybean crop with SoyFit

A complete solution with large-scale & in-field analytics to improve farm efficiency from planting to harvest.

Planting efficiency

A tool that evaluates the plant population in the field

Boost crop management practices by adjusing application rates of fertilizer and crop protection products, to ultimately optimize harvest

Early relative productivity prediction

Anomaly detection

Automatic detection and identification of anomalies to support field operational and scouting planning

Plan targeted scouting

Set up crop insurance

Adjust farm management practices to improve profitability

Nematode damage mapping

Large-scale mapping of nematode damage in any locations

Get information about potential nematodes issues

Prioritize problematic fields to take actions

Identify “hot-spots” in the grower fields

Target scouting efforts for soil sampling

Prescribe planting recommendations

Monitor nematode pressure evolution overtime

Discover the power of imagery
to get critical information on your soybean crops

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We have a rich pipeline of products for soybean and we continue to invest in research and development to bring the best imaging solution for soybean.
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